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When you take on other characters

You risk losing yourself.

You worry:

Will I adopt their ugliness?

Will I shine too brightly?

I’m used to feeling plain,

So why should I feel



And freedom in my body? 

What if I lose control?


What if? 

Would that be the end of it all?

Or would it open new realms

Of possibility, 

Ways of being,

Of inhabiting the world?

What if you could set your





By throwing caution to the wind,

By turning off your “internal editor,”

By daring to be bigger than your

Own small sphere of existence?


Acting is empathizing

With another’s plight;

It’s taking on their story 

And living it fully –

In all its messiness,


And Glory.

We don’t live to be nice

And look nice all the time;

We live for experiences,


And love.

We live for the complexity 

That each day holds –

Shouldn’t our characters carry this capacity, too? 


To live is to take a risk 

Every day of your life

To be better than you were

The day before.

To grow up

And into yourself;

To learn 

About yourself and the world;

To deepen

Your connections

And tune into the collective pulse

That breathes life

Into every being 

On the planet. 

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