The heavy fog challenges the restless leaves
That spin cartwheels
Down to the rough pavement.
These forces cannot stop their radiance –
The way they bound forth
And paint our city with fire.
Mystery shakes them loose,
The breath of the Goddess
Whispering secrets,
Speaking the truth of the trees,
The Earth,
The air
That fills my lungs –
Draws my spirit up
To drive me forward,
Along this crooked path –
Once familiar, yet forgotten.
These streets I walk are no longer mine,
The roots that have been planted
No longer connect us.
We are part of a network,
But one that is detached from the earth.
I find solace in the Gibbous Moon
That shines outside my window.
She gazes down upon me
And I think she feels some part of my truth.
She beckons to her friendly stars,
And they wink at me through the darkness of the city.
Her reflection is cardinal,
Stretching out in all directions,
Giving her love freely.
All she asks is
recognition –
And faith in her consistent inconsistency.
We must trust that she is always there.
Even when she takes time for herself,
Or is covered by the heavy fog.
She teaches us that darkness and death
Are necessary for light and rebirth –
That we can stay true to our place in the universe,
And still always be changing.

Greenlake Twilight

Your calm, regal presence,
Your silent strength,
Give me comfort this morning.
I feel your cool warmth
Radiating through my heart.
Your soft and gentle caress
Uplifts and soothes my spirit.
You are Goddess of the night
And those hours in between –
Where stillness is echoed through the barren streets.
You give me courage, Full Moon,
Elevated and distanced,
Yet engaged.
Your familiar call draws me to you, like the the
tides –
I am, after all, a Pisces –
My waters run deep.
You inspire me to be big,
To carry myself with such unabashed elegance and grace.
To share what makes my heart shudder and sing.
You, my Goddess,
Shamelessly reclaim your time every month,
Your changes and cycles are welcomed –
Met with awe and wonder.
No one can tell you
To be anything less
Than the powerful Goddess you are.